About the Firm

We are a Latin family committed to your Latin family. At Alonso & Alonso we have a team of professionals specialized in providing advice to legalize your status in the United States. We are proud to be your guide and help you obtain a better and safer life in this country.

Our Mission

At Alonso y Alonso, we are Latinos just like you, and we understand you better than anyone. That’s why we fight to obtain your legal status, gain your freedom, protect your family and help create more stability for our community.

Our Values

Relentless Defense



Reliable Communication

Family Loyalty

Vanessa R. Alonso

I am a woman born to Mexican immigrants and raised in the border city of El Paso, Texas. Growing up so close to the border taught me at a very young age how complex it was to identify as both American and Mexican.

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Christopher L. Alonso

I am an attorney who is always looking for ways to help my clients.

Before becoming an attorney I was a special agent and worked on several criminal cases at the federal level. I have worked with judges and prosecutors and use my experience to give you the best representation possible.

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Alonso & Alonso Family