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You fought
to get there.

We will fight
for you to stay.

Alonso & Alonso is built on the pillars of the Latin family. We created this firm more than 13 years ago when we saw how other law firms mistreated immigrants and thought of them as mere case numbers. We decided to abandon those firms in order to be the exception and treat our clients humanely, as we would treat our own family members. This is how our firm functions as one big family with a single mission to obtain legal status and to make our clients’ dreams of freedom come true.



Why with
Alonso & Alonso?


With over 13 years of experience in immigration law and criminal defense, our firm is ready to represent you and get you the results you deserve. Our mission has always been to serve our community as if they were our own family.


Personalized Attention

At Alonso & Alonso we provide personalized attention and services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. This includes communication, regular updates, careful evaluation of each case and customized legal strategies based on each client’s circumstances.


We focus on our Latin community, so we are fluent in Spanish and culturally sensitive and aware of the challenges faced by immigrants throughout Latin America. We are Latino, just like you. We guarantee you access to quality legal representation, where your side of the story is heard and understood, regardless of your cultural heritage or language.


At Alonso & Alonso we have a great track record of success in our clients’ cases. We have helped hundreds of Latinos obtain legal status, through residency, citizenship and other important benefits to have a full life in the United States. From work permits and travel permits to social security, we have helped thousands of people stay in the country legally.

We Pursue Your American Dream
with Positive Results
for you and your family




At Alonso & Alonso

we offer the following

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Work permits

Travel Permits

Fixes without leaving

Criminal Defenese


Protection Against

Qué Dicen

Nuestros Clientes

"Totally recommended! They attend very well from the first moment they receive your call. They listen to your case, know how to advise and speak in words you can understand to help your situation. Thank you very much to everyone who assisted me!"

- Carlos Torrez

"I heartily recommend this firm! From the first call they took care of us super well. They treated us with a lot of consideration and respect. Very efficient and punctual. Always with kindness and positivity.
Thank you Alonso & Alonso!"

- Jimena Pinilla

"My family and I had a positive experience with this firm. The team that worked on our case was extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process.
I highly recommend this firm."

- Miriam Chavez