Experienced immigration attorneys with a practice dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community.

Vanessa is a passionate advocate with over ten years of experience serving and defending immigrants. He was raised in El Paso, TX, a city that borders Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. El Paso provides a safe and culturally rich environment. Surrounded by a large family of straits and a circle of friends, Vanessa learned the importance of love, family, and community.

Always passionate about people and those in need, he was an enthusiastic high school volunteer and several scholarship assistants to attend the University of Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio, TX. While obtaining her degree, Vanessa’s desire to help others was applied to the Faculty of Law. Vanessa was accepted and received registration at the Faculty of Law of the University of Toledo.

Being miles from miles from home and missing her family and friends, Vanessa quickly learned to immerse herself in her studies and work. Vanessa was a basic legal position of equality offered with Advocates, a nonprofit organization where she has spent summers making contacts with migrant farmworkers in various Ohio. Vanessa was instantly made at home among Spanish-speaking farmworkers and her future thought dedicated to the law to protect Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Upon completion of Law School and Vanessa obtaining my license, I spent the next 7 years working at large immigration law firms where I learned how to defend and help undocumented people living in the US, as well as immigrants Abroad in 2017, Vanessa wanted to help clients on her own terms and in a special way. She opened her private practice and has been experimenting ever since.

Vanessa takes pride in making her clients feel at home in her office and feeling supported by the company. In addition to leading the legal practice, Vanessa also keeps the Hispanic immigrant community informed about policy changes and forms of relief in multiple programs and live segments on Facebook.

She and her husband Christopher Alonso, who is also a practicing partner at the law firm, have three wonderful children and go out of their way to be a resource to their community, their clients, and their family.

Chris is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas and has worked in the criminal justice system for almost 20 years. Chris is proud to fight for his clients in federal courts across the country and criminal courts throughout Texas. Before becoming a defense attorney, Chris served as a Special Agent at a federal law enforcement agency. Chris has investigated countless cases, from Capitol Hill killings to drug-related crimes. Chris uses his vast experience to defend his clients.

This country became prosperous through immigration. Immigrants flee to this country for security and opportunity. Chris fiercely defends his clients in immigration proceedings. Drawing on their experience, Chris and his team operate tirelessly to ensure that their clients have the opportunity to present their unique stories.

Chris is a fierce litigator who upholds that principle. Chris does everything possible to protect his clients from being mistreated or mistreated by the system.

Before graduating from St Mary’s University School of Law, Chris earned his Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati, where he focused on Criminal Justice. Chris also has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Troy, where he graduated with honors.

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Let our experienced attorneys be your legal guide.
Let our experienced attorneys be your legal guide.
Let our experienced attorneys be your legal guide.