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“Very good lawyers, they helped me successfully in an immigration case.”– Lopez Z.

“Excellent lawyers, highly recommended. May God continue to bless them.”– Maria S.

“Blessings to the lawyers Alonso & Alonso, congratulations on your great work with all our people, I guarantee it is a 100% and transparent work so don’t hesitate to talk to them or request their services. May God Bless you.”– Isidro S.

“I recommend her and her husband, they are very successful professionals in the work they do, I can prove it.”– Rudy R.

“God bless you always. You are a great blessing to many families, thank you for your support. “– Ruth F.

“Blessings lawyers and may God continue to open doors for each case, congratulations lawyers. I will be communicating with you about my case.”– Rene P.

“The lawyer Vanessa R Alonzo I recommend you I hired her to fix my legal situation in the country after so many years of living in the USA!!… thanks to her I can say that my goals are being met!… her entire team is excellent of work they always worried about me thanks”– Javier G.

“We have used them personally, and have had the best service and experience. They have a big heart blessing nonprofit organizations such as ours. We highly recommend their services.”– Adolfo A.

“Vanessa, she helped me process my permanent residence, without any complications, she is a very professional lawyer, I definitely recommend her services”– Andres V.

“She helped me process my citizenship, even when my situation was a bit difficult, but not impossible for her, now I am an American citizen, and I recommend Attorney Vanessa Alonso for your immigration process. Excellent lawyer, as well as an excellent person.”– Viridiana

“My niece was looking for a lawyer to help get her papers. During her consultation my niece was explained how vanessa can help her. She answered all of her questions from her and made her feel comfortable. I would recommend her from her.”– Leon

“I am extremely satisfied with Mrs. Alonso’s help in answering some questions about fixing my nephews status. She was very informative and patient, knowledgeable and explained the best way to help us. I would highly recommend to anyone!”– Catherine

I highly recommend her. -Very personable and professional. – I’m a 22 year old who needed a lawyer, but didn’t know who I could trust, where to find one and if I would even be able to afford the process! Of course I don’t know much about the law especially when it comes to the complexity of immigration. So, when Vanessa was recommended to me by a very close friend it was like the gates of heaven had been opened to me. She is friendly, professional and reliable! She’s made the road to permanent residence less complicated. She’s got the answers to every question I have and guides every step of the way. I’m left with the feeling of trust and gratitude.”– Miriam

“La mejor abogada que existe todos los abogados nos habian dicho que mi esposo no podia arreglar hasta que hubiera alguna amistia y hasta que encontramos a la abogada Vanessa Alonso ella nos dio el si y hasta ahorita hemos empesado a ver resultados de su trabajo y lo que a prometido gracias a Dios primeramente y despues a ella.”– Jhoana A.

“I had contacted Vanessa to ask a few questions in regards to how the immigration process would be bringing my brother from South America. She was excellent help in understanding this process.”– Gloria

“The lawyer Vanessa Alonso is a very good lawyer. She’s understanding and straight forward with all the question you have. I would recommend her with anybody who has a problem with immigration.”– Jennifer

“She helped me with my domestic violence case, and helped me arrange my legal residence in the United States. The whole process went very well and easy for me. She is a very good lawyer, I am very happy with how the whole process went.”– Yoana G.

“Alonso & Alonso is professional, detail oriented, and committed to delivering a favorable outcome for their clients. “Never stop fighting” they truly believe the American Dream is not just for a select few. 1000% percent focused on your best interest. Everybody counts or nobody counts.”– Eric M.

“Everyone was very helpful and professional. They helped my dad with his case and we are very thankful. Very outstanding work 10/10 recommend coming here.”– Jissel G.

“De verdad gracias por tus servicios, realmente se los recomiendo, muy amable al recibir las llamadas con mucha atención escuchan nuestros casos asesorándonos muy bien, hablan con palabras entendibles para ayudarte en tu situación, sin duda alguna los volveré a contratar si tengo problemas a futuro, son la mejor opción muchas gracias!!”– Deriam I.

“My dad spoke to Damna Rener. & he loved the way she explained everything, took her time to listen to him & answered all his questions. Great great service!!”– Ilse M.

“Estamos muy satisfechos con el equipo del abogado Alonso. Siempre resibimos noticias o resultado positivos gracias a Dios. Y la atencion es muy buena y siempre estan pendiente de cualquier informacion. En lo personal si trabajan y se esfuerzan para dar buenos resultado gracias.”– Wendy f.

“Great service provided by Jennifer during our conversation ! Would recommend this firm to any of my family or friends. Thanks again for everything !!”– Hailey C.

“Vanessa was outstanding! I’ve seldom dealt with a nicer, more competent, thoughtful, empathetic and expert human being in my life – in any field. I wish I had more reason to work with her. She is truly outstanding. If you think you need her services then look into it! I dare say that you will not be disappointed!”– Doug H.

“Alonso & Alonso is a great family oriented company who cares allot about its clients. I would highly recommend them.”– Barbara G.

“Excellent service, office staff very professional. Would highly recommend to family and friends .”– Michelle V.

“Es un excelente servicio, gracias a ustedes pudo resolverse adecuadamente los problemas de mis familiares, definitivamente puedo decir que si se llega a presentar un caso en el futuro acudiré a ustedes. muchas gracias”– Nata l.

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